Thursday, August 13, 2009

you may have seen my films

i'm trying to make room for the flowers you handed me, i'd just stuff them in my jeans or something but i have a million dollars in unmarked bills in my pocket. no, come on, it's not like a big deal or anything -- just some cash. plain old hard-won money, like it's just a means to an end. oh, i get it. no, seriously, you can't really tell can you? i was surprised too. and they fit well; you know i'd never go the baggy route just so i could carry the down payment for my new place in malibu. right, right, i haven't signed anything yet so i can look at my options. now that was not what i'd expected you to...ok ok, i'll think about automobiles too, but do i really need to get anywhere that fast? no, come on, i know that's an option too and probably those are way safer, but do i look like i want to hire a chauffeur? oh stop looking at me like that. no, come on seriously, you wanted to drive my car? that's so cute. way cuter than the flowers. hey, don't get me wrong...i totally appreciate the thought. anyway, like you wanna make out?

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