Friday, August 21, 2009

i'm a generous type

uh, hey guys - matt ward here. wanted to check in. anyone else just confused about which random hush records track is your ringtone? everytime i hear semi-familiar lo-fi strumming i start dreading it's conor bugging me about...anyway, hoping y'all just can't get enough of the august weather and stuff. ok, for real, i was having the absolute worst week. just ridiculous, like your mom steals your lunch terrible, you know? ok, but i'm cheering up, because you know maybe i was a little jealous about how well this new fruit bats disc was received and then...eric sold "when you love somebody" for a movie trailer? hahahahahahahaha rotfl!!!! i mean seriously, now that he "makes waves" with the fast crowd all the time, like what - did james mercer buy a houseboat and eric got jealous? really? some professional advice, man, you gotta stick with class, k? protect the brand, my friend. and if you need a little chance to shine after all that sidemanning, maybe you should join and tour with a folk supergroup. oh...wait...sorry, i took that gig. i'm matt ward, and i can still blast eric johnson's subtle indie nerd glasses off his face. hey eric, really, no hard feelings. we can be buddies; i'm always on the lookout for sidemen. could be worth your while, maybe if you hang out with me, i'll teach you to cleverly misspell your name.

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