Saturday, September 27, 2008

now, take this into account

i am officially fifty percent less irresponsible than i was as of friday morning. i also called my brother-in-law today.

oops, my bad

we don't own any table knives. how silly of me to have forgotten that.

carmakers: you have lost your minds

special pricing on most 2009 models? it's not even 2009 yet. clearly the whole 'making things seem special by releasing models with next year's date' thing has gone way too far.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


when everyone is gone and you're sitting around trying to finish things, eating plain crackers...yesterday's leftover white bread is an excellent find. mmm...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

lost in the woods

i have an actual life, i just don't want to talk about it. after weeks of staring into the vending machine, seeing flashes of purple that always turned out to be overpriced water, i found numberless grape sodas this morning and bought one. it was warm, unfortunately, so it was like drinking carbonated cough syrup. i put it in the fridge.

later, i attended a farewell lunch where i made the mistake of allowing the waiter to botch my order. i knew he misheard me, but he'd taken so long to get through everyone else that i didn't want to gum things up even more. i ended up with a curried chickpea dish, which i strongly doubt was actually vegetarian. tragically, i made that conclusion after pretending to eat it. there were a few points where i just wanted to leave that place and go back to work, but i kept telling myself that patience is an important skill to cultivate. there was also the issue of the four dollar white rice to go with an admittedly affordable four dollar main dish of side dish-style chickpeas. what place charges a dollar for naan but four for rice? in the end, i paid way too much for food i barely ate, and struggled to stuff down other forms of calories after returning to the office.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

hurricanes lost

one of my friends was deeply disappointed in the lack of impact the weather had on our saturday. there just wasn't enough rain to make her happy. i was wise enough to bring my recently purchased shortboard out in the storm in case i needed protection from the elements. several hours of my saturday were spent indoors, suffering from the burning humidity brought on by the storm. in other words, there was little chance of my agreeing that the storm did nothing.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

no food zone

i feel like it's been especially difficult lately determining what to eat for lunch. the unfortunate reality is that anything readily accessible ends up being part of my meal once i get hungry enough. that leads to some odd choices; fresh fruit and candy have been a big part of the afternoon meal yesterday and today. there are ways around this, but i haven't been keen on getting greasy takeout when i have nothing else to eat. it doesn't seem possible to really fill up on fruit and carrots, and i know none of this is a good thing, it's just that there are times when taking care of everyday needs gets tedious and you don't like any of the immediate solutions you see.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

when there are no more options

i'm trying to do the less than an hour awake and at home thing tonight, not super successfully. i also have this idea that i'll be back at work less than twelve hours after i left, but that is even less likely. i spent too much time at the office, but while i was killing time just hoping people would agree on dinner plans, it turned out i'd forgotten some crucial stuff. at first glance it seemed so crucial that someone elsewas checking email at 7pm and wondering where the reports were, but honestly who's going to be around to even use that info after 8pm. it's like i made the mistake and things are no different really than if no one had caught it until tomorrow. we're not doing anyone any useful favors getting an email out that late in the day.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a winter scene

i am looking at a picture of myself, drawn by a close friend. it seems at first like i'm stuck in somebody's still life; my head floating in a bowl of oranges and strawberries. somehow, though, there's like this glacier bearing down on me; the irresistible force of nature, or a slow pressure that will break everything in its path. somewhere on the glacier are two bears, a pond with several fish, and a cluster of pine trees. these know nothing of glaciers, of irresistible forces, or of pressure, and exist solely for their own purposes. one of the trees has a nest in it, high in its branches. there are two eggs in the nest, and a feather falls gently from the nest to the ground.

Monday, September 01, 2008

maybe this means nothing

i noticed this a long time ago, and i'm surprised it's taken me this long to put it in writing. since my most recent move, a lot of my stuff has remained in storage around my apartment; there just hasn't been enough space to unpack it all, and i've also gotten used to doing without. i haven't had a real pillow; my pillow case has a couple t-shirts stuffed in it. my roommate, on the other hand, has a normal pillow with a t-shirt for a pillow case.