Friday, January 29, 2010


like a lot of people, i am reading catcher in the rye. i found out that jd salinger had died in class when someone mentioned that this tragedy coincided with her assignment of the book.

what i can't figure out at the moment is what goes with catcher in the rye, other than barbeque potato chips. the wombats didn't fit, and an 18th st lounge compilation didn't fit, and then i got distracted before i could figure out what would work.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

mirror not included

I have struggled to come up with decent goals for the year. Mainly this reflects the limited time I have remembered to devote to this task. So without a clear idea of what to accomplish, I will list some ideas.

-Eat 38 different purple-colored foods. I am willing to count eggplant multiple times as long asit appears in different dishes.

-Find 5 things I had thought were hopelessly lost. Find 20 things I forgot I had and get rid of most of them.

-Put together 10 to 15 songs worth of material. Writing two 30-minute compositions to make it easier would be unfair, but if that's what makes sense I have no problem with it.

-Write 70 poems, then write so many more the original goal seems tiny.

-Help someone find a job

-Acquire two skills

-Write 12 letters. The kind that get stamps.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

really actually january

the holidays are sort of lingering this year. i don't have to start school again for some time, and as a result it can be difficult to remember that all the exciting stuff has sort of happened all ready. at this point, i suppose i have to just get ready. i'm not even sure what to take this coming term, because the class i want requires me to skip several important concerts and other events. it's hard to place a value on such things in comparison to a class. after all, there are other subjects i can study. scheduling is difficult no matter what i end up doing, but i would prefer to have a way to get all of this in without the conflicts.

it is really actually january, though. technically, this month has a holiday since no one ever works on the first, but it seems to be more of a december thing. just leftovers, like the candy from your stocking. there's that football championship game deal, which they keep moving further into the month. really though it's like the month when you can't complain, because december was so exciting and the new year is kicking like crazy. all you have to do is figure out what you're going to accomplish before it's too late to decide.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

thinking of you

so maybe my vacation has gone on long enough to make me miss my home base a little. with that, let me detail the items i can recall leaving in my refrigerator. all expiration dates were carefully checked prior to my departure.

heavy cream
chocolate syrup

not particularly appetizing, although three of those will come in handy if i want to make delicious pancakes. it looks like i will be bringing some aged italian cheese home with me, so that's a start. now, here's my refrigerator wish list.

pasta sauce
soy nog
sharp cheddar
homemade pizza dough

this is strikingly similar to the list of items in my fridge a week before i left town. i guess i have simple tastes. i do happen to be fond of cereal and breakfast foods in general, so without milk and eggs i'll have a difficult time enjoying pancakes or anything of the sort. i guess i should try harder to come up with stuff i can't normally get, but i guess it's ok that i like what i usually do have in the refrigerator.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

lesson number

only mercenary tendencies keep me from belonging. i've forgotten the number of times starting over has made me forget who to avoid. at least i have a past. i'm proud of that. most likely, the people who defined the experiences i've walked away from are wishing for something simpler than i am. my desires are complicated because i've thought them over more than once. i want honesty. i seek an end to deception. i try to make people like each other. i'm on the lookout for a better cultural climate. i hope those shoes i left in the hall will be there tomorrow morning. i want everyone to stay away from me when i'm afraid.

Friday, January 01, 2010

winter hobbies

i have recently discovered that 38 degrees is about the coldest temperature i am comfortable with for running. i can run in colder weather but it isn't fun. that's a relative thing, and if i lived in a colder climate it might change. however, i have found i am willing to shoot baskets in my sister's driveway when it's 25 and snowing. it's a matter of relative interest. i suppose some things are such indoor-centric activities that i wouldn't do them outside below about 60, but i think this is an easy way to see what i actually enjoy.