Saturday, June 30, 2007

don't lie on saturday

i went to favorite flat triangular italian food place and had the worst thing i've ever eaten there. very healthy, not very good. now i find myself dying to go back. the menu holds so many vegetarian delights, and several i have yet to try.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

so so so oppressively hot

in a bid to protest the heat, i decided to put on extra layers until the situation improves. shockingly, i feel a lot better with a hooded sweatshirt and a beanie on than i did before.

spoken by me

'that's an anecdotal argument without an actual anecdote'

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

new initiative

i like to provide food for the peeps at work from time to time, and generally the ones who sit near me get the bulk of the shared items. those who eat most frequently will also share on their own when they feel inclined. on occasions when i do email the entire department about food, some people come and eat large amounts of food but never provide anything of their own to share with the group.

partially out of curiousity and partially to encourage greater participation in food sharing, i have decided upon a new plan. today i will be sharing bean dip, but asking others to bring their own chips. my prediction is that no one will eat any. it remains to be seen how this will play out.

Monday, June 25, 2007

mum's the word

maybe it's time to stop gossiping about myself. i have often thought that telling everyone who i'm interested in, etc, was useful. once i pass the threshold where only trusted friends know, it's like pressure to actually do something about my crush of the moment. i don't know, though; the element of tact is useful too.

tonight is officially excellent because i was just able to perfectly drop my 50% organic lip balm onto the bag i'm taking to work tomorrow so that it stayed perched on top. don't have to get out of bed to fix anything, which is a big consideration when there's a ladder to navigate in order to reach the floor.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


so my tucked-in shirt and i accompanied a friend to this tasty bakery late tonight, where i ordered a total of two deserts, because there's really no reason not to when you are incredibly hungry. those desserts, served with a devastatingly excellent glass of iced tapwater, were amazing. which leads to the question: if i go back, will it be as good, ever? tonight was just a whirlwind of surprises anyway, and i was so hungry and it was the crazy spontaneous thing to do and everything was in the right place; good weather, smell of rain still in the air, eating outside. it was the second time i'd been to this bakery, and i intend to go back. i just don't think it will be as amazing next time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

sometimes you go to bed

and things are good. sometimes you just tell yourself, 'i'm doing all right for a lost soul.' sometimes you remember that, religiously speaking, you're not lost at all.

Friday, June 15, 2007

can't believe it, not again

the book i just started is horrid. i haven't made it through the first chapeter, and i am holding out hope that the tone shifts, because it's just an endless string of accusations. i think you could take this story and write a fascinating narrative but so far it's an effort simply to report all of the facts and evidence as the author sees it. if you're writing for a cause, eloquence beats arguments.

there've been some ok reads lately though:

boys of '67
-charles v. jones

history of the marine corps since vietnam, focusing on a few marines who began in vietnam and rose to high positions in the corps. heavy on stories, which is good, and the style didn't get in the way at all. interesting perspective on the v-22 osprey, which i had always thought was an airplane that only politicians wanted built. i actually wish there was more on this, but it's not the subject of the book, just something that comes up. i think i read stuff like this because part of me thinks serving in the military is a good idea. something like a 'peace corps' that is actually a permanent thing is more what i need.

-sam walker

this book deserves no superlatives, but it is an enjoyable read. walker joined an expert fantasy league with the intent of both winning and writing a fascinating narrative of the season's course. the suspense of how the season turned out for him was great. the season in questions is '04 and i don't have everyone's stats memorized or anything, so it was fun to try to figure out which players he was talking up were actually going to do well for him.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

good riddance

we have team hats for our softball squad at work. they make a joke implying we use steroids. there's a reproduction of part of the logo of a company infamous for distributing steroids. all of this is screenprinted on a trucker hat. many of the team members thought trucker hats were all about ashton kutcher and some fad that's over. i think they must have come full circle then, in a way.

Monday, June 11, 2007

the experiment

i didn't keep a full log, but i think it's pretty much impossible to go an entire hour without thinking about anyone you have a crush on. maybe i managed it on the way home because i made it halfway and perhaps at the office i was so tired that last bit that there was an hour-long stretch when you add in that portion of the commute. i think i probably don't go an hour without thinking about fantasy baseball either, so maybe there's nothing to this.

i wonder if i went an hour without thinking about my hair...again, probably not.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

not rabbits

i had to list my interests/hobbies earlier this weekend. i put down, among other things, 'shopping.' why the heck not? it's kinda more fun when you get a compliment on something that you have a story behind it. i have a hard time remembering where the ties come from, but with shirts i can usually give a city of purchase. yes, thrift shopping is a fantastic vacation activity, especially if there are no good ones where you live. not true for me per se, but i like t-shirts with some local flavor. last weekend i managed to pick up a sweet one from a fave radio station. originally, i thought thrift shopping's great virtue was that you're using something over again and thus not requiring new labor, possibly from oppressed workers, to be used. now, i have realized it makes environmental sense as well. shoes and, for me at least, pants are not particularly easy second-hand purchases, but shirts and some shorts can be. ties of course work. when you're done with it all, you can just donate it again and maybe someone else can use it.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

someone save me from the older guys

what defines a good week? is it one where you meet your conditions for buying a skateboard now, not after that thing happens? maybe a good week is one where, in the process of turning down a job offer, you hear from two companies that want to interview you. it's even more likely to be one where a third company calls you four days later about a job in a state you'd love. i think a good week is probably one where you realize it's time to be so grateful for the bar of soap and mirror that allowed you to wash most of the poison oak off your arms last weekend. when the poison oak only shows up on the inside of your arm, you know you have to be grateful that you washed up, because it must have been all over.

it's a good thing a good week isn't defined by getting to go to the new movie its first weekend out. a good week doesn't have to be defined by meeting the girl of your dreams, because such things don't necessarily ever happen. i think a good week probably gives you the chance to spend time with friends you haven't seen in a while, and to stay up too late several nights running with no real consequences.

i'm grateful for a good week

Thursday, June 07, 2007

doesn't matter

i made a huge gaffe this past weekend on my way to see rhett - i mixed up the 1st and the 2nd. as a result, i missed the concert, missed the chance to hang out with my sister in the bay area, and basicall had a fantastic weekend. really. beach and hiking and burning of fossil fuel. the missed concert was lamentable, but everything else was great. i'll make it up to myself one way or another.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


i've become a bit of a frustration to certain of my friends after turning down a couple of job offers these past few months. see, i recognize that it makes little sense. i also recognize that i need to be careful to accept something before too much time drags on. however, the big difference between this time and last time is that i have more options coming up. the excitement of potential new frontiers is always a great lift to my spirits. hope is a great thing. dreams are pretty nice too.