Saturday, June 09, 2007

someone save me from the older guys

what defines a good week? is it one where you meet your conditions for buying a skateboard now, not after that thing happens? maybe a good week is one where, in the process of turning down a job offer, you hear from two companies that want to interview you. it's even more likely to be one where a third company calls you four days later about a job in a state you'd love. i think a good week is probably one where you realize it's time to be so grateful for the bar of soap and mirror that allowed you to wash most of the poison oak off your arms last weekend. when the poison oak only shows up on the inside of your arm, you know you have to be grateful that you washed up, because it must have been all over.

it's a good thing a good week isn't defined by getting to go to the new movie its first weekend out. a good week doesn't have to be defined by meeting the girl of your dreams, because such things don't necessarily ever happen. i think a good week probably gives you the chance to spend time with friends you haven't seen in a while, and to stay up too late several nights running with no real consequences.

i'm grateful for a good week

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