Friday, June 15, 2007

can't believe it, not again

the book i just started is horrid. i haven't made it through the first chapeter, and i am holding out hope that the tone shifts, because it's just an endless string of accusations. i think you could take this story and write a fascinating narrative but so far it's an effort simply to report all of the facts and evidence as the author sees it. if you're writing for a cause, eloquence beats arguments.

there've been some ok reads lately though:

boys of '67
-charles v. jones

history of the marine corps since vietnam, focusing on a few marines who began in vietnam and rose to high positions in the corps. heavy on stories, which is good, and the style didn't get in the way at all. interesting perspective on the v-22 osprey, which i had always thought was an airplane that only politicians wanted built. i actually wish there was more on this, but it's not the subject of the book, just something that comes up. i think i read stuff like this because part of me thinks serving in the military is a good idea. something like a 'peace corps' that is actually a permanent thing is more what i need.

-sam walker

this book deserves no superlatives, but it is an enjoyable read. walker joined an expert fantasy league with the intent of both winning and writing a fascinating narrative of the season's course. the suspense of how the season turned out for him was great. the season in questions is '04 and i don't have everyone's stats memorized or anything, so it was fun to try to figure out which players he was talking up were actually going to do well for him.

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