Sunday, January 03, 2010

thinking of you

so maybe my vacation has gone on long enough to make me miss my home base a little. with that, let me detail the items i can recall leaving in my refrigerator. all expiration dates were carefully checked prior to my departure.

heavy cream
chocolate syrup

not particularly appetizing, although three of those will come in handy if i want to make delicious pancakes. it looks like i will be bringing some aged italian cheese home with me, so that's a start. now, here's my refrigerator wish list.

pasta sauce
soy nog
sharp cheddar
homemade pizza dough

this is strikingly similar to the list of items in my fridge a week before i left town. i guess i have simple tastes. i do happen to be fond of cereal and breakfast foods in general, so without milk and eggs i'll have a difficult time enjoying pancakes or anything of the sort. i guess i should try harder to come up with stuff i can't normally get, but i guess it's ok that i like what i usually do have in the refrigerator.

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