Thursday, September 11, 2008

lost in the woods

i have an actual life, i just don't want to talk about it. after weeks of staring into the vending machine, seeing flashes of purple that always turned out to be overpriced water, i found numberless grape sodas this morning and bought one. it was warm, unfortunately, so it was like drinking carbonated cough syrup. i put it in the fridge.

later, i attended a farewell lunch where i made the mistake of allowing the waiter to botch my order. i knew he misheard me, but he'd taken so long to get through everyone else that i didn't want to gum things up even more. i ended up with a curried chickpea dish, which i strongly doubt was actually vegetarian. tragically, i made that conclusion after pretending to eat it. there were a few points where i just wanted to leave that place and go back to work, but i kept telling myself that patience is an important skill to cultivate. there was also the issue of the four dollar white rice to go with an admittedly affordable four dollar main dish of side dish-style chickpeas. what place charges a dollar for naan but four for rice? in the end, i paid way too much for food i barely ate, and struggled to stuff down other forms of calories after returning to the office.

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