Friday, August 14, 2009

it's ok too

dan told me he is looking for something. i didn't hear these actual words, but more of a whisper. i listened carefully, because he was turning pages in the dictionary all through dinner last night. he often goes to the library with no set agenda, other than to find some books. he listens to the radio on weekends. of all my friends, he is the only one who watches documentaries. most of us laugh about that, and i don't think he cares. dan keeps a journal in which he records brief descriptions of important moments in his life. he is a thoughtful person who has been to over twenty different states in the past three years. he eats at different restaurants each month and discusses them with all of us. he keeps stamps in his wallet. dan is looking for something, and he probably won't know when he finds it. i know he is looking because he told me in the soft tones of a weary young man. not everyone whispers with words.

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