Thursday, August 06, 2009

the perils of moderation

is there a reason chocolate syrup comes in such a large container? i consider myself a fairly confident ice cream eater, and i probably add some syrup thirty percent of the time i have ice cream. i also use it on pancakes and other random foods, but it seems like my chocolate syrup is going nowhere fast. the good news is that it doesn't expire until either july 2110 or july 21 in 2010. it's hard to tell for sure.

when i recently discovered that my roommate was leaving town, taking his movie-streaming game-playing muh-sheen with him, i realized it was time to make my 'films to see shortly' list obsolete. taking a glance now at the allegedly unnecessary compendium, i see that i made little progress during his final hours in our presence. i think i am okay with that.

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ADRIENNE said...

for real. i can never read sell-by dates. and i'm probably more paranoid about them than anyone i know. this is a great frustration.