Wednesday, August 12, 2009

you are folk. i am monster

hey folks, matt ward here. sure hope those of y'all in the dc area got enough out of the two m. ward shows this past month, cuz there won't be any monsters of folk for ya come fall. y'all maybe wanna day-trip to nyc to see us? or hit up antwerp? i hear international airfares are pretty low in the cold months. so, since we're way too much of a big deal to play spencer krug's favorite venue - and i don't care if they found a sledgehammer so his people could smash a tv - or really to bother with anywhere else in the area...ok sorry i just lost my train of thought. krug said he was bad at guitar? dork. so let's make a deal right now. i'm matt ward and if you ever hear me say that, CALL 911!

how many of you are convinced i'm just kidding about the concert thing? well, it won't actually take us three days to get to stockholm from philly, true, but you think we're stuffing another city in that itinerary? seriously, do yourselves a favor and just plan your m.o.f. road trips now. i should probably ring krug on his cell now so...oh that's right, he claims he doesn't have one? i guess when i pull my april fools "let's get a project going together" on him and carl newman i'll have to call carl and he can try to reach spence on bejar's mobile or something. what else do you expect? i'm matt ward. come watch me give jim james guitar lessons this fall. and there is no way i am spelling his name with "y"s.

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