Saturday, August 08, 2009

more animals than necessary

do you like animals? do you own more than three animal-themed items? would you like to hear five songs about animals? go on over to rocktastica and listen to some animal tunes...then vote for your favorite. i can't remember who i voted for, but there are some good entries.

also, in case you are wondering, this is the week of the analog modeling synthesizer. maybe just the week of the keyboard instrument. they come in far too many varieties. perhaps next week will be the week i purchase one. also, it remains nearly impossible to write 10,000 words of a novel in one week. maybe it's pointless to even have that as a long-shot goal. next week maybe it'll happen.

i spent today trying to write, shopping, talking on the phone, shopping, trying to write, and researching keyboard instruments. at various times i gave up trying to write and watched television. i spent yesterday trying to write and watching television. at some future point i may be able to divide my days between trying to write and teaching myself the guitar. i could also teach myself the analog modeling synthesizer. however, i already own a guitar. on the other hand, i already can play other keyboard instruments fairly well. thus ends the week of the analog modeling synthesizer.

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seth said...

maybe next week will also be the week i add one of those link bars. i finally at some point figured out in theory how i would do that. however, i feel the need to do something ludicrous, and adding features to my blog is not even mildly funny.