Wednesday, February 13, 2008

up against another wall

for some reason, every time i come to a key decision about moving on or staying here, i seem to start out with a definite conviction of what i want to do. after that, it seems i get completely lost and confused as if i'd never made up my mind in the first place. that's exactly what's going on right now, and i'm two days past my deadline. what is going on here? if i had a better sense of the future, it would be easier to figure this out...but no one knows what's going on. will the economy prevent easy job transfers for a couple of years? will something better come along in months? once again, i'm totally lost. i suppose i have an innate fear of making a big mistake that leads me to have this incredible difficulty sticking with a decision.


mj said...


stop worrying!

you are a "knowledge worker," right? you are adaptable, right? your skills are transferrable to many industries, right?

if not, you could be in trouble. otherwise, make the call.

seth said...

so i went with my original plan, which is to stay put for the moment. i've got the possibility of grad school as usual, but you know i never end up going. who knows if i'll even get in this year.

abby said...

i guess it's official're a New Yorker.

seth said...

well, is there even a word for people who live in trenton? or people who drive 30 miles from philly every day? i was having a hard time being ok with that from an environmental perspective.