Tuesday, February 19, 2008

if there's nothing else

songs i have heard too many times on internet radio:

'as young as you feel'

'rose colored times'

'rosebush inside'


'one great city!'

i heard 3 of these in my first forty minutes of listening this am. you know they're abusing their power when they take something you liked the first time and play it every single day, sometimes more than once, until you realize it wasn't that great of a song to begin with. what's the problem with maybe every classic rock station in existence? playlist is too shallow. well, same problem will kill anything, so when it's internet radio based on my 'choices,' that's bad. i am gonna have to only set up stations for stuff i don't care about. i've still gotta like it, just stuff that isn't dear to my heart and that i don't own.

3 ideas:



rilo kiley

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