Saturday, February 02, 2008

shopping day

those who know me well will not be surprised to hear it's taken me an awfully long time to replace my aging mobile phone. i have developed the idea that i really need to get one that's used or refurbished, so as to lessen the environmental impact of my purchase. having thoroughly researched phones, looked for good prices, missed opportunities to buy a few, i finally bought one today online. it won't show up for a while yet...but i realize i may be in for a big disappointment. i mean, maybe it'll be complete junk, and it just might be in almost as bad shape as my current phone...which is to say, the down key might not work all the time. there also could be loose panels, broken features, and who knows what else wrong with it.

i did not, however, buy the jacket my friend says makes me look like a supermodel. this is clearly a mistake. potentially, this purchase may have too much environmental and human rights impact for me to really feel good about it, but now i won't ever know what life as a supermodel is like. can i really have the experience of fashion/attractiveness excellence without paying the real price? no tiring photo shoots in embarrassing outfits, no annoying conversations with tv hosts who make awkward remarks about their unchaste feelings towards me, no otherworldly experiences with diet and exercise routines, no dating self-important stars from other walks of life, and no inane product endorsements to help grow the empire. all i get is the heart-melting visual presence of a supermodel. there is little doubt about this. i went online after returning home to find the jacket, and i actually look better in the jacket than the models on the site. i suppose the question that remains in my mind at this point is, 'how do i avoid letting this go to my head.'

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