Sunday, February 03, 2008


should it be all that surprising that this was the last state i thought of when i had to try writing down a list of the 50 states? i was in a race against two of my friends, and came in third, but i didn't mind. some things you're simply glad you made it to the finish line. i did think at one point 'what about that state with no speed limits?' but i got confused and was thinking it was north dakota that used to have no speed limit. it would be easier to remember the states if i had a better picture of the map of the country in my head. i started with the northeast and worked south, then west along the southern border of the country, and up the west coast. I did my best to make my way back east along the northern border, but at that point i was reverting to thinking of states i hadn't named yet. i got about 40 without really slowing from my methodical pace, but from there i had to think a lot before coming up with the remaining states. they mostly trickled in one by one. oh, iowa, of course! illinois,how is that not on there yet? i failed at this same task in high school, and it may well have been montana that tripped me up back then as well.

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