Monday, April 14, 2008

some people deserve what they get

i like to make regular donations to the library. they appreciate it more when i give them money 25 cents at a time, in appreciation for the chance to take a book out a little longer than originally planned. as i'm waking up to make sure i stop running up fines on the books due two days ago, and digging books due tomorrow out of several different hiding places, i have one conclusion. i deserve library fines. three years ago, i never would have thought i'd be like this.

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mj said...

i used to think this a lot when buying gas: "i deserve to pay for expensive gas if i'm going to drive my car when i could be taking public transportation." for almost two years now i have taken the bus + metro pretty much every day and gas prices are still going up, so now when i drive i think to myself i deserve a discount or something.