Sunday, April 13, 2008

i don't believe in regrets

i love breakfast, i'm in love with breakfast, i've been waiting my whole life for something like breakfast, and i'm not going to let it go.

due to a very foolish trick i played on my friends last night (not telling them they had walked well past the point where they needed to take a left turn to head over to georgetown) we ended up at a grocery store. this allowed us to buy some truly tasty food. what really impressed me were the "energy bars." these are not normal energy bars. they're in the baked goods section, along with the bagels, and are filled with (as best i can tell/figure) raisins, currants (maybe), apples, and perhaps some nuts or something else. there's a hint of cinnamon and an excellent texture. so very tasty. now, go find me some more of those.

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