Friday, April 18, 2008

power, with a side of strawberries

one of the more disarming statements made to me during my professional career was 'you're not really interested in becoming a manager, are you?' this was in an interview, spoken by a woman who grew up 6 blocks from my last apartment. i felt a great rapport with her during the interview. in the end, her assessment was probably what killed me. she liked me, but i'm pretty sure she could tell i'm not interested in playing someone's game for the next 5 years in an endless quest to get ahead. it's always friends who figure you out. that's why they get under our skin so easily. at some point the relationship reaches the point where poking at tender points is effortless. not in a good way. maybe if she'd been the hiring manager, rather than the hiring manager's supervisor, she would have taken a chance on me just for the sake of friendship. why am i calling it that?

i'm sending myself to charm school this weekend. there are a lot of things i want to accomplish - find second furniture, shop, buy food, make greeting cards, throw a party - but this is one that i need to prioritize. this weekend's lesson: legacies. i'm going to build a time capsule, to be opened in one month. by me. i'll throw in a few words about the latest hopes and dreams, which crushes i've abandoned, and a snack or two. in a month, we'll see if i can make any sense of historical me. a lot can change in a month.

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