Wednesday, April 30, 2008

short stinkin' lived

so much for 'authors with abbreviated first names' week. somehow it's easy at times to go to the library specifically to pick up the book for book club, check out six other books, and leave the library wondering which books you'll read first. i had it worked out. for the rest of the week, i'd only read stuff by people with abbreviated first names - j.t. leroy and zz packer, unless i stumbled upon some others and checked out even more books. i probably can't do that; i think i'm back up over 20 library books again, and they probably don't let you take out 30. so wallace stegner it is. i'm glad that the wearyingly descriptive beginning lasted only 12 pages or so, not 80 like in 'the sea, the sea.' it was amazing how much i enjoyed that book considering how much of a drag the first section got to be.

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SJ said...

Seth...I think you're old enough to hear this now. You've reached that special time in life where you're going to need a speed reading class. There, I said it.