Sunday, March 16, 2008

we all crave choices

or i do, at least. on a day when i'm feeling somewhere between awful and awesome, having stayed home from church with an unnerving continuance of the mysterious malaise/illness that's plagued me all week, i feel somewhat obligated to contemplate a bit. in the past year or two, my habits and hobbies have changed a good deal. i've been on the job market, though not in a consistently active manner, for nearly a year and a half. i am in the early stages of proving that, while i possess skills that seem irresistible to university staff who take the time to interview me, i have little chance of getting one of those interviews from an institution that's in a different locale than i am. in the year since i nearly quit my current job, i have come into favor with the leadership, ensuring impeccable references when i do make up my mind to move on. that's an empowering thought; i can leave with a decent level of support, because even if i'm not moving on to anything definite, they know that now is a good time to broaden myself. if i'm going to just move away with no prospects in immediate sight, i can make the argument that it's time to branch out, and they'll understand. i've also wrangled things such that i have the option of going to school in the fall. hooray. for now, however, i'm just waiting to see what options i do have for school. i'm not at all convinced i will choose to go, but i'm totally loving the fact that i have that option.

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