Wednesday, March 19, 2008

massive rally against unnecessary clothing

i've got to move again in about 10 days, and i'm thinking that any clothing i haven't worn in 2 years has got to go. it's pretty sad sometimes to think about what it means to be an american. i have a tuxedo, which was a kind gift. i envision no occasion to which i would wear a tuxedo. there are a couple pair of track pants in my possession, one of which i tend to feel i can't wear very much because they're very clean. the other pair has been around a while and paid its dues. i have a pair of sweats i wear only to softball games. these are rather old, i think my parents got them for me in high school, so part of the problem here is that i've retained too many things, not just that i have purchased too many things. still, while the sweats barely reach my ankles, if i'd had to economize, they render both pair of track warmups unnecessary. i do attempt to purchase things from second hand shops because it's affordable and a good environmental decision, but the thing that persists is the desire to acquire more. it's kinda sad.

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