Monday, March 31, 2008

better than it might sound

after calling tom (who may not use that nickname anymore) to discuss my rejection letter from cal state, i reread it. there's some odd language regarding my failure to qualify for the program, but other than that it's praise and encouragement. they even told me to apply again if i'm still interested. i'd missed that the first time through. it can be so painful to read rejections, but of course this one doesn't read like most of them. maybe like writers are nicer people or something, but no poli sci program that rejected me ever said something like that. one time a major tech firm rejected me but hedged with 'your interest in software did not go unnoticed by the recruiter.' so yeah, they told me to try applying again as well. i had said earlier that i probably don't deserve to get into an mfa program considering the effort i've put in. that's probably the wrong way to put it. considering how early i am in my development, the whole letter thing isn't that bad.

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SJ said...

I need to call Tom...or Tom, call me. Wanting to know if you are still coming to UT for the summer.