Friday, March 28, 2008

i'm still looking

it's not very often you come home after an evening with friends and realize you've had yellow wax stuck to your face all night. we have these massive new candles, and i thought i'd do the right thing and blow them out before leaving the apartment. well, the first try didn't go so well; the candle went out and hot wax sprayed everywhere. i just hadn't realize my face took some of the damage.

my roommate brought home some odd but very cool shelves a few weeks ago, one red and one white. they're rectangles, except they're designed as if the sharp points of the corners have been cut off. the effect is futuristic, but futuristic as envisioned some time ago. i can't quite place them temporally. of course, i had to shoot some photos of the shelves, none of which came out quite right. a day later, they had stuff on them and my window of opportunity had passed.

tonight i came very close to blurting out the fact that i'd dreamed about a girl. a specific girl. who i don't know very well. i've heard that when you dream about someone it means you like them; i'm sure there is not a one-to-one correspondence there, but it's accurate this time. so i have a crush on a million odd girls and one of them pops up in a dream. probably about all that'll come of it. i'm being honest, nothing more.

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