Friday, March 21, 2008

a few of the shinier things

since i have to move out of my apartment, i figured i should describe a few of the things i'll miss:

-roommates, that's natural, but we've got some special ones here. one makes you laugh by even appearing during 'waking hours' on a weekday; one of them is a graphic designer and photographer, which has led more than a few acquaintances to ask if i'm the graphic designer in the apt; and generally they're all cool and kind and fun.

-couches, which i was afraid of for a great many months (we had none when i moved in, and the office chairs in the living room were comfortable). there's not much better than watching tv in the dark on the couches here.

-refrigerator, which is faux wood paneled...or is that real...

-wind chimes that echo from somewhere nearby. makes sitting or sleeping on the couch late at night a great time even with no tv.

-biggest loft ever, which is more of a treehouse/fort/awesome land of solitude, and which i have equipped with a charming mini theater.

-front porch, on which to make phone calls in the rain in a damp hoodie. delightful.

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