Sunday, January 27, 2008

songs of the week, wk 12


-'out of town'

-'my body is a cage'

on 'simple things,' zero 7 do a fantastic job of staying on the right side of the line between fluff and musical bliss. any group that uses jose gonzalez as a collaborator clearly knows their music. 'out of town' is so precariously close to something awful that it's a treat to enjoy its subtleties. the arcade fire get a spot this week thanks not to any romantic frustration of mine but to 'the diving bell and the butterfly,' which provides an entirely new context in which to appreciate the closing track of 'neon bible.'


seth said...

honorable mention to 'julie,' nominated by my computer, which thinks that this track 16x with nothing else to get in the way makes a perfect party playlist. don't you just love the idea of my computer picking a song of the week? jens lekman is great. i hear the (not so) new disc is worth picking up.

SJ said...

hey Seth, dude, I'm coming your way in about six weeks from now.