Sunday, January 13, 2008

songs of the week, wk 11

-'the minaret'

-'century estates'

-'phantom limb'

-'father william'

i discovered some rather decent music in a lost corner of yesterday. fresh doesn't have to be new in the sense of newly acquired. this week, fresh was new in the sense of rediscovered. there was also a great song by the places that is motivating me to check out some more amy annelle once the budget allows. i was getting the places and the pieces mixed up, so the song totally blew me away in its subtlety and depth. don't get me wrong, the pieces deserve some song of the week some week, but their corner of yesterday is even more remote than the one that 'phantom limb' had inhabited.

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mj said...

i had that idea about checking out some more amy annelle a couple years ago. i got really into a few the places songs i downloaded from pitchfork or maybe their website. i haven't done it yet. good luck to you.