Wednesday, January 09, 2008


recently, my loft bed was equipped with a real mattress. i would tell interesting stories, but those take more time. as mattresses go, this one is fairly excellent. a couple things have resulted. one, thanks to my goal of reading more in the evenings, i have a comfortable place to lie down with a good book. two, increased comfort has affected my desire to get up in the mornings. three, less clearance between my bed and the ceiling makes sitting up an occasionally precarious action. four, retrieving objects from the far end of the bed has become much more difficult. five, at least one roommate can no longer see me when i'm up here; the angle is too steep now. needless to say, the bed has brought more change thus far than the vanderslice tracks. those are excellent; the bed scores lower on the scale of beds but higher on the scale of life impact.

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