Friday, January 04, 2008

part of my lunch

the cupcakes have had a short yet interesting life:

did you know you can't buy unlimited cupcakes in one go? co-worker learned the hard way:

"There was a 2 dozen limit, so first come, first served. Sorry, I asked to speak to the manager for an exception to the 2 dozen rule, and the cupcake-serving-woman said 'You’re speaking to her.'"

thus it was first-come, first-served cupcakes in the office this afternoon. we stood around eyeing them, waiting for someone to make a move. everyone was told they were just two flavors - chocolate and vanilla. it was a matter of appearance. i had my eye on the least colorful cupcake in the box, no one took it, but the words didn't quite come out the way i'd intended:

'i want this lonely cupcake that's the only one of its type'

i am banning myself from camera obscura for the rest of the day.

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