Monday, July 14, 2008

the power of procrastination

i'd been puzzling over how i was ever going to decide whether to see aimee mann or old 97s this summer, and basically my choice has been made due to an imbalance in demand for the two concerts i was considering. it's sad in a way, but i have no choice at this point. i'm also glad that i haven't been literally counting the days until the new jennifer o'connor record. more than a month still, ok people? sorry if i gave it away.


mj said...

this was a hard one for me, too. i made the same decision as you though my process was different in that i actually made the decision. i based it on which of the two i have gone longer without seeing. although, since they aren't the same exact day i am still reserving the right to go to the other one. it's just a money thing, really.

and what is money but colored bits of paper? oh yeah and the means for procuring all the necessities of life.

abby said...

I joined mj and chose aimee mann. Then again I'm going with mj and we bought our tickets together. I heard the new Old 97s album wasn't good either and I've seem them a few times over the last three years and I've never seen aimee mann. I'm so tempted to break the sabbath and see Pricilla Ahn at Jamin' Java. I think you'd like her. NPR and the itunes editors liked her so she must be good. :)

seth said...

i've been to maybe 8 rhett miller/old 97s concerts in the past 2.5 years. zero in 2008 though. i figure i should do something about that. aimee mann's in boston this weekend but i am not sure i feel like traveling. oh, and having heard a lot of rhett's solo material several times live - there are a lot of songs you'll enjoy live that sound lame on the records.