Friday, July 11, 2008

bridges, hats, diners

what is it about my brain that allows me to walk over a bridge, eat at a diner i've never seen in a town i've never visited and think "this is perfect, this is so what this place should be?" i don't think i've eaten at a diner with golden sparkles embedded in the ceiling, nor have i had a rootbeer float with whipped cream on top. it's been a long time since i've had french toast, and i certainly have never gotten yelled at by a cyclist while crossing a bridge. there were 11 of us (i think) and of course we tried to get out of the way of the two cyclists, but some went to one side of the footpath and some went to the other side. that's not ideal, it might not be the smartest, but there was room for him to go through. there's certainly no need to whine "come on guys, share the bridge." what part of getting out of his way does not indicate a willingness to share the bridge? since i don't care much about many things lately, it's surprising how long i spent wondering what would have happened if i'd punched that guy.

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