Wednesday, July 09, 2008

launch date

in the spirit of interconnectedness and the theory that most music is worth at least a brief listen, i'm exploring bands through their online friendships with other bands. let's start with {{{ sunset }}}, an austin, tx band. technically, they have what could be described as a melodic pop sound, with vintage keyboard tones an important element of their music. i think it's safe to say that i could have written their bio, but i did not. in fact, i'm not sure i'm capable of writing such things any longer:

"{{{ SUNSET }}} is ow tin, TX based headstock music group of which dabbles in psychedelic volks-rots. They have this way now played for a year or, and constantly evolved. The group started initially as sale for the songwriting of Baird of the account outside group sound Team. After sound dissolved Team, concentrated he is only ideas on this new project.

They register an album of new songs, segues, and other fantastic ideas. After they finish registering, they probably the way and travel will affect the U.S. entirely concerning these large states. "

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