Saturday, July 19, 2008

maybe it was a waste

i saw three movies today. it's possible that i could have wasted my time, and then again it's possible that there are worse ways to waste time. i saw a huge action movie with my roommate, a quirky independent comedy by myself, and a classic with several friends. i wore a different hat to each one, which was somewhat inevitable but actually a natural choice. given the fact that i didn't like the way the first hat went with my t-shirt, and that the second is old and needs to be protected, it made sense that i kept switching. i wore the same shoes all day, which was unfortunate considering they're not good for walking. i finished the novel i'd been reading, and found the opening pages of the next one to be much more interesting than i'd expected. it's been a little while (four books ago) since i began a new novel that was engrossing from the beginning.

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