Monday, December 21, 2009

it's really just all in the soil

let's say you have an orchard. just a couple of trees, maybe five, but a collection of trees that grows the most delicious fruit in existence. so you think carefully about what you might do with these trees. perhaps you should be looking for seeds. if there's fruit there has to be seeds. could you plant more of these trees in case the originals die? or maybe you're worried that the fruit from the orchard will run out, that your trees have perhaps already used up half their good years and you'll soon run out of fruit all together. but perhaps you're wondering why no one is coming to uproot your trees in the middle of the night, or simply cut them down out of pure jealousy and eat the last few precious fruits themselves. so you consider building a larger fence around the trees, and then you wonder if maybe the problem is just that you'll always love your own fruit more than anything else.

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