Tuesday, December 15, 2009

coming soon to a city or two

we are two days away from holiday travel adventure part one! i am looking forward to some incredible adventures. if you want to get in on the fun, check out the following recipe:

holiday travel adventure

mix one part surprisingly long vacation with two parts roundtrip airfare. car or bus travel will also do for those who own cars and buses. sprinkle with random packing advice (for instance: the neighbors will probably call the police if they see you on your skateboard). fold in several parts online shopping, and let stand for one hour. top with two parts carry-on luggage, three parts figuring out how to bring along textbooks, and four parts not bringing musical instruments so they will not be destroyed by approved security staff.

oh yeah, and a real nasty shout-out to whoever from tsa opened the bottle of vanilla in my luggage then let it leak all over my stuff. you know what? i can't even guarantee you didn't actually pour it on my stuff, government bully. that was a great christmas gift last year, people. you stink. oh, sorry, i mean, you made all my stuff stink--and then apparently someone else from tsa opened my bag again because of the smell. come on. you're not even doing yourselves any favors with your little sabotage.

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