Saturday, December 12, 2009

have not been hungry all day

this morning, i ate two large pancakes. between the pancakes were two cinnamon rolls, two slices of danish, a frosted filled donut, and a generous amount of whipped cream. this was topped with original flavor syrup, chocolate syrup, more whipped cream, bran flakes, and a cream cheese-frosted carrot cake muffin.

while i ate this, i took a phone call and someone put another half a pancake on the pile without me knowing. overall, the concoction was tasty, although the raspberry danish did not go well with everything else.

i have one more donut which i have no immediate need to eat.


amy said...

you're missing a pizza, a gordita, and a crepe.

seth said...

Why would I want to eat those things? I liked what I had.

amy said...

yeah, but it's not a taco town taco until it's smothered in blueberry sauce and cheddar cheese.

seth said...

this was not the taco town taco, this was breakfast.