Wednesday, September 02, 2009

get that pen out right now

you've got your smiles, your grins, and your occasional ringing laughter. those ought to be enough for just about anyone, right? i can picture you more and more the way you're growing into this stuff. i expect the utility company will be checking your meters next month and sending you quite the bill for all of this. it's sad sometimes the way they profit from happiness, but i will take the bad that comes along with all this good. my brother actually has a neighbor who disconnected himself from just about everything; he walks around these days looking for anyone who'll react to the leaden expression on his face. i tried to lend him a mask my oldest brother gave me when he stopped trick or treating, so at least he can look remarkable, which may be more important than simply maintaining a human appearance. no one questions these days when there's a new game in town, but let me assure you - those smiles are not going to fade from the vogue just because someone's given yet another option to each and every household on the block. remember, you are one person, just a speck, but that speck gets a chance several times a day to broadcast this or that to all the other microdots out there. maybe that should be a smile. okay, i'll admit that isn't necessarily very different from your usual sales pitches, but like i said, i'm an independent contractor. i'm just here to turn on the tap; they don't give me money for anything else. you can shut it down after a week; doesn't cut into my check. still, as a friend, let me tell you, i'd stick with this game for the long term.

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