Monday, December 31, 2007

deal with it

i was very fortunate to remember i had a couple songs to download. if you could choose anything, and you wanted to pick something that you liked, from an artist you are only just learning about, and avoid getting stuff you can easily get elsewhere, what would you get? yeah, it's a difficult question. yes, it was me who made it hard for myself. i rose to the occasion, even though i got something i'd already heard. i picked a couple tracks from the latest john vanderslice.

'the minaret'

'numbered lithograph'


mj said...

so let me know if they are good. lc, my husband, is a big fan of JV, but he doesn't have the new one b/c we are both big slackers in musicdom. and we have a budget now and stuff. and we have to stick to it. hey, i hope you had a good time at the wedding. it was very hard for me to entertain individuals and stuff.

seth said...

i've heard the whole album streaming several's awesome. the wedding was awesome, of course. you're not there to entertain people, though.