Wednesday, December 12, 2007

christmas update

it has been my goal, for quite some time, to get the christmas shopping done early. well, after a long time browsing one particular chain this evening, the score stands:

j - done
g - done (very possibly, i'll get him more stuff too)

might end up wanting/needing to find stuff for others as well, but those are the main characters. h is usually the toughest, by reckoning of most involved, but i'm just glad i got something for j already that's exciting. c can be tough also, if you want to be frugal. r is easy to please. g is the simplest to shop for. i bought his present months ago.


AOBrien said...

I hated trying to figure our who those letter people were... ah letter people kindergarten memories

seth said...

you wouldn't know any of the letter's not actually my goal to be annoying