Thursday, March 29, 2007

the value of anything

i purchased $32 worth of candy eggs today. i don't plan to eat any of them. i would consider handing them out at my birthday party. i also think the experience of buying an entire case of candy eggs is potentially worth a lot more than the experience of eating any of them. there are 96 in total. since i had already spent $5 on diet soda i was purchasing as a pure expression of spontaneity, it seems $32 may have been a little much to spend on candy eggs. i am listening to a pop levi song right now, and i think i would much rather spend my money on candy eggs than attend a concert of his. his band is called 'woman,' which just seems extremely odd. i'm going to start a backup band called 'i don't really want to hear your music' and ask him if he'd like to employ us as well.


abby said...

seth have you listened to Mika? He's pretty catchy but I don't know if that's your type of music.

seth said...

for any doubters: i never ate a single one of those eggs. unfortunately, all reports were that they were just lousy. many other people were actively avoiding the chance to eat them.