Friday, March 30, 2007

the key

what exactly allows you to transform your relationship with someone to a friendship? there are people at work i am good friends with. there are some i can talk to sometimes and joke around about things that both of us understand or are experiencing. there are some, however, that i pretty much am not going to be engaging in a one-on-one conversation. i'm not sure exactly why this is. i mean, there are people in the office who will talk to me if other people are involved, and who are far from antisocial, but they will not talk to me in the elevator if we are both leaving work. it's odd. i mean, i can tell they don't really want to talk and i don't try to force it.

the difference with friends is somehow they don't mind if you aren't talking about much. you feel comfortable saying exactly what you want, at least with your closest friends. er, at least i hope there are people who'll let you do that.

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SJ said...

someone once told me (er maybe it was in a movie, but it was really a good line) that you are truly rich if you find yourself with three true friends in your life.

Not everyone is going to be your friend, not everyone will even be your acquaintance, but if you find yourself with at least three people whom you can trust with anything you say or do and they know all about you, gaping flaws and everything, and they still want you as their friend, then I would agree you are truly a wealthy man.