Thursday, March 08, 2007

a few distractions

do you remember the last time you listened to an album three times in the same day? i do. it was yesterday. the release of new albums may not be the event it was back in the days my parents can't get over, but i did my best to make this one count.

i am planning to create an art gallery underneath my desk at the office. willing to help? send me any unwanted landscape photographs, preferably actual prints not just files. your kindness will not go unnoticed.

finally, if you see a size medium zip hoodie at your local thrift shop, pick it up, email me, and i'll pay you back. tata for now.

1 comment:

mj said...

yeah music is cool. i'm just going to assume you're talking about the arcade fire though i don't talk to you much these days so i guess i don't know. anyway, it's the only album i have recently purchased on its release date. they're pretty serious about that whole album cohesiveness thing, you know? it's kind of cool. i do like the recurring church organ.