Saturday, February 17, 2007


sheer carelessness and a failure to fully grasp the importance of the fact that our unprotected kitchen window was right by the fire escape led to a valentine's day burglary at my new place. since i just moved to a nicer neighborhood, many people find it ironic that i was robbed at the new place. there were bars on the window by the fire escape at the old place, you know. a recently purchased (used) game system and 1.5 yr old portable computer were taken from me. i haven't fully grasped the importance of everything that was lost, but 6k photos seem to represent the greatest loss. i had been planning to use a number of my self portraits in an upcoming video project, as a fun intro sequence, but that's not happening now. i suppose this is going to kill any pretensions of applying to a photography program this year.

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SJ said...

Seth, dude, that sucks. The thing with burglary is that it isn't always the expensive things, but the things with the most sentiment that you really miss.

A thief once took the casette player out of my old college car. It was a 1985 Honda Accord and they actually cut the wires the wrong way so the casette player would now be useless to them. Not only was it old, and now worthless, but I had no tunes.