Sunday, February 25, 2007

my moment in the sun

yesterday, my roommates wanted to go downtown and see the sights a little. what we ended up seeing was a few kids skateboarding, the inside of a chain restaurant where we paid twice the price one would pay anywhere else in the country, and a discount store where we went shopping for several hours. the next thing i know, we get home at 9pm and we've gotta head out immediately to hit up this party. i end up talking to a lot of people there, but i get really excited when i have the chance to talk to this one girl who's good friends with my roommate, because i think she's cool and she actually likes at least one of the bands i saw in concert last year. so because of the fact that my day consisted mostly of shopping, i end up talking about that particular subject a little too much. i think it might be easy for me to come off as a total idiot if i get stuck on the wrong topic, such as discount shopping. i'm much better off if i can get people to talk about iran or something, where i can use big words and sound intelligent. at least that way, i know that people who think i'm an idiot aren't worth befriending. the best moment of the evening was later on at someone's birthday party, where i am one of the last to show up. most people are gone and we're sitting around talking, when i suddenly hit a balloon so that it falls directly on the icing of one of the cakes. when i go to pick it up, i do it so quickly that some icing is flung to the floor, making a bigger mess. then i take the balloon over to the sink where i attempt to slowly deflate it. instead, i suddenly make it pop, sending icing all over the wall behind the kitchen sink. the host makes everything better by insisting that this act makes him quite glad indeed to have me there.


SJ said...

This is a petition to have you formally open up your comments so that when we post others see our post and can post. Basically, the people, meaning me, demand dialogue on this baby...because you write so cool

seth said...

no one really knows about the blog, i mean i haven't told that many people. i think that's why you don't see as many comments as you'd think. i have to get a better readership, which inevitably is going to lead to some serious missteps as i sooo love to gossip about myself here. you ever wonder why i'm so circumspect at times?