Saturday, October 10, 2009

oh those sharks

i like sharks. i like reading about sharks, feeding sharks, and making home movies with my pet sharks. most sharks are nice once you get to know them. a shark friend of mine gave me cookies for my birthday last year, and they were the tastiest cookies i have personally eaten in my life. because of my deep respect for sharks, i do not eat shark meat. i have considered moving to an all-carnivore diet, since it seems fair to eat animals that eat other animals. i don't mean the sneaky way either, where they have ground up bits of some other type of animal mixed in their feed. thus, chicken, bacon, pork, beef, ham, and such things are out. i'm not huge on seafood, but that's probably where i could find something to eat that fits my new dietary guidelines. maybe they serve eel some places. eels seem like they're scary enough that they probably eat things. i'm not sure i want to eat an eel though. is it possible that octopi are carnivores?

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