Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lemonade times

i have two objections to your attempts to include yourself in my life. first, you aren't capable of intelligible speech. precisely no one is willing to sit here and decipher your terminology. perhaps you should hire a translator, otherwise the rest of the world is about to lose touch with you altogether. second, and more important, is your unwillingness to peel peaches. you've been around long enough to understand that peach lemonade is the blood that flows through my veins, as well as my main source of income. not everyone can station themselves within my circle of influence, because there just isn't enough time for me to watch out for everyone in this city. i've been hiding out for a few months now, looking for somewhere more permanent. you'll have to believe me when i say that it isn't getting any easier to track down a destination suitable for everyone i'd be interested in bringing along. it's like plastic rabbits. you have a yard, you can only put so many plastic rabbits in it before it looks ridiculous. you have more plastic rabbits, you need a bigger yard. i'm not interested in a bigger yard, or more plastic rabbits. i'm especially not interested in plastic rabbits that can't peel peaches.

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