Saturday, May 03, 2008


one of my friends is interested in designing a greeting card. turns out it's not for anyone in particular; she just had an idea for something and wanted to see it to completion. the fascinating part to me is that she said it's not that often that she'll think of things that she wants to create. i have ideas about all sorts of things all the time, and i hadn't really thought of the possibility of someone not experiencing that. not all ideas are any good, and most of the ones i have are too tiny to really mean anything; they need development. that's natural, i would think. of course, i keep thinking about jack hannahan's name for no reason at all, and there's not much point to that. he plays third base for the oakland a's, and there's not much reason to think about jack hannahan himself, except for that fairly interesting name of his. sometimes i think extensively about some name i don't really like the sound of; it's like getting an annoying song stuck in your head.

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