Thursday, August 02, 2007


it's taken a year and a half plus and 6 rhett miller or old 97s shows, but i finally got to hear 'victoria' again. i'd say they really hit just about everything; maybe it's just because i had my heart set on the one song for so long, but i left extremely satisfied with the setlist...i suppose that means i should do a celebratory dance.


mj said...

they played it in baltimore also. it was a lovely show.

Soo said...

where the hexk are you right now?

seth said...

i'm in seattle.

seems like their current touring setlist is pretty awesome. i saw them in texas in april, and though they didn't play that song, the audience there was awesome. so worth it to see them down south. they played one new song, which seemed good. don't remember them playing anything off upcoming record this past wk.