Friday, August 24, 2007

summer's last hurrah

i have a hard time imagining a lot of things. i've imagined myself having a really lousy time at a tubing event scheduled for tomorrow, so i won't be going. i imagined myself absolutely loving camera obscura live, so i had to drag myself away from the post-work tv meltdown to see the show. i saw about six fantastic songs, and ran into a half dozen folks i know, took some photos, and generally loved the experience. i felt so good i actually tried to find some of the people i knew after they wandered past without seeing me.

on the way home, i had a nice chat with some strangers, and later finished one of the books i had been about to complete. i stopped to take pictures of the temple and was mildly surprised to obeserve another fellow who seemed to be doing the same thing. i failed to finishe the other book, but made a good enough dent to believe those final pages are going to fall soon. i should mention that the non-fiction book i did finish had a fantastic ending. i found it both satisfying and inspirational.

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